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The steps to selling a property?


Get an appraisal

Selling your property is a crucial financial transaction that requires careful planning and execution. To ensure a successful outcome, it is essential to seek professional, expert advice. A good agent is worth their weight in gold as they can make a significant difference to the end result. Thus, it is recommended that you get an appraisal in advance of the sale. This step will enable you to meet with an agent, determine the property's real-time value, and establish a plan to move forward.

During the initial meeting, the agent should provide you with a range of strategies. These may include presentation techniques, marketing plans, the method of sale, and a timeline. By going through these strategies, you can increase the value of your home in a way that suits your needs. With a well-crafted plan in place, you can be confident that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure the success of the sale.


Get the property sale ready

First impressions are lasting impressions. Taking care of the aesthetic appeal of the property, and attending to all necessary repairs and upgrades can add tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to your result. Get in touch with us to get a copy of our preparing to sell checklist.


Get your contractual and compliance pieces in order

Selling a property is not as simple as selling a loaf of bread. There are certain legal and financial requirements as well as compliance issues you’ll need to cover off at certain stages of the campaign. In order to bring your property to the market you’ll need to organise a contract of sale with your solicitor, sign an agency agreement with your agent, and notify your bank of your intentions to sell the property. The property can’t be marketed or proceed to sale without these.


Decide on a final sale method, strategy and marketing plan

Every property is unique, and accordingly there is no “one size fits all” marketing strategy. Consult with your agent to design a sales strategy, which will include your method of sale and marketing plan that is specifically tailored to the features and benefits of your home. You will then receive your marketing calendar from your agent so that there are no surprises throughout the process.



Relax and allow us to do our job in bringing the property to market, and then extracting the maximum value of your property from the market. We will keep you up to date with the campaign interest, feedback and offers, and progress of negotiations every step of the way until we get you to sold.


Completion process

Once contracts are exchanged and settlement is confirmed, there are a number of things that will still need your attention. In conjunction with your legal representative, we will handle all of the conveyancing and financial aspects.

We will then work with you on the personal aspects of the move, such as mail, insurances and utilities that can’t be forgotten. We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of things to tick off prior to settlement so you don’t feel as though we’ve left you out in the cold after the sale has been closed.



Upon written confirmation that settlement has taken place from your legal representative, we will release the keys to the purchaser, and the funds to you. At this stage the property should have been vacated and cleaned, ready for the new owner to move in (unless sold subject to a tenancy)


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