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Christina Diamond

Sales Coordinator

Peter Frangie

Senior Property Manager

Jade Morley

Sales Associate

Sharon Loli


What makes us stand out


A More Personal Approach

We understand that achieving the highest possible sale price is the ultimate objective of putting your house on the market.

However, we also know that it doesn’t start and end there. The result needs to be accompanied along the way by exceptional service, accessibility & communication, a creative marketing strategy and precision towards client satisfaction – the only true measure of success.

Everything we do, we do with this in mind.


Taking the worry out of buying and selling

Integrity, market knowledge and exceptional customer service is the core of our company culture. Check out our google reviews to see unfiltered consumer feedback, instead of us telling you.


A Focus on Integrity & Results

We don’t feel as though an agent’s sole job is to secure a sale. A good agent should also take as much of the stress of buying and selling property off the client as possible, making it a smooth and seamless process.

Our team has a plethora of experience with the sales process, you can ask us anything, anytime to help make the process easier for you. You can also download the sellers guide off our website, to familiarise yourself with the process ahead of time.

We also have a tried and tested sales method, powerful learned negotiation skills and a team with the time and energy required to get your home sold for the best possible result.


Depth in Digital Marketing & Vast Network of Partners

We believe that no two marketing campaigns should be the same, unless the property is. While many campaigns will have similar features, we never lose sight of the fact that the point of marketing is to show the property in its best form, to the most amount of people.

With a deep understanding of the role that technology and modern day marketing plays in today’s real estate environment, we will collaborate with you to devise a personalised marketing strategy to take your home to market, utilising all of the latest technological and digital resources available to locate that one perfect buyer.

All relevant avenues will be explored and exploited. While the campaign is live, we will monitor its response closely and be prepared to adapt it as we go.